Microlife BP A3 PC Fully automatic upper arm blood pressure monitor

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The MICROLIFE BP A3PC blood pressure monitor is clinically tested by the British Society of Hypertension and provides the user with reliable blood pressure measurements easily and instantly.

MICROLIFE is pioneering once again integrating MICROLIFE BP A3 PC with MAM & PAD Technologies for more reliability in blood pressure measurements.

The MICROLIFE BP A3 PC has been designed in collaboration with physicians, is a reliable medical instrument for measuring upper arm blood pressure, easy to use, accurate and recommended for monitoring blood pressure in the home.

MAM (Microlife Average Mode) technology ensures excellent reliability by automatically analyzing data from 3 consecutive measurements in less than 3 minutes, equivalent to repetitive 90-minute measurements.

PAD (Pulse Arrythmia Detection) technology automatically detects arrhythmias during blood pressure measurement. If an irregular pulse occurs during the measurement, the PAD symbol will appear on the display.

• MAM technology: The blood pressure monitor automatically performs a three-count measurement (three consecutive blood pressure measurements) on each measurement to give a quick and accurate blood pressure measurement result.
• PAD technology for detecting arrhythmias during measurement. If an irregular pulse occurs during the measurement, the PAD symbol will appear on the display.
• Compatible with FREE Hypertension & Diabetes Corner (www.hdcorner.gr) for Proper Nutrition, Exercise & Measurement Records.
• USB port for PC connection
• Easy to use with a single button
• Ability to support 2 users
• Save 99 metrics per user with date & time
• Large screen for easy reading of measurement results
• Handle control indicator for assured measurement reliability.
• Hand Move Indicator: Motion Detection during Measurement for Higher Accuracy of Measurement
• Lock / Unlock function
• With a cuff 22-42 cm suitable for normal but also for more nimble people
• Instructions in Greek

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