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Microlife NEB 1000 Mini, Portable Nebulizer


The Microlife NEB 1000 Mini Portable Nebulizer is a high-quality device for inhalation, asthma, chronic bronchitis and other respiratory diseases. The operation and use of the device is simple and works with all the usual medicines used for inhalation therapy
The device is equipped with the innovative NEB PRO nebulizer, which includes the Breathing Valve System with 2 treatment options:
A) Advanced treatment: Allows the maximum amount of drug to be transmitted, thus achieving the respiratory capacity of each patient. The valve system ideally adjusts the amount of drug upon inhalation, reducing the loss of drug on expiration.
B) Brief Treatment: The treatment session will be reduced if the membrane is not mounted on the valve support. Choosing this treatment does not allow synchronized nebulization.

Fast and effective treatment
Small and light
Low noise levels during operation.

Read the enclosed instructions carefully before using the nebulizer.

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