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Baby Care
SKU 23267

Avent Dect Scd650 Baby Monitoring Device


Confidence on your baby monitor
The baby monitor SCD560 the AVENT offers absolute certainty.
Thanks to Smart ECO Mode automatically reduces transmission power, thereby increasing battery life. In this way the power the device needs decreases as we approach the baby.

Is the worry baby? then the serene glow emitted by the night light will offer tranquility and the relax. Can be activated on both units (baby & parent). Along with the gentle lullaby device will lull your baby (select one of five soothing sounds)
If the above is not enough then with a click activators audio transmission mode and listen to your voice to calm.
Worried if the battery is dead or if vriskestai outside RANGE? The parent unit alerts you to low power or if you go out of range of the device.
Zero interference and crystal clear sound thanks to other transmitters in DECT technology ( and mobile phones). Data encryption for secure and private connection.