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Baby Care
SKU 19847

Frezyderm atoprel baby laundry 1lt

Liquid detergent specially formulated for baby clothes, which dissolves easily and leaves no residue on clothes. Unlike the common laundry detergents, has a neutral pH and a special hypoallergenic and anti-inflammatory composition as the non-ionic surfactant plant origin (ECO CERT certification) that it contains makes it friendly to the skin and suitable for sensitive skin, biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Thanks to the appropriate active ingredients, offers effective cleaning in baby & children''s clothes, leaving them soft, fluffy and with vivid colors. Can be used even at very high temperatures, without diminishing the detergent action, neutralizing pathogens and allergens mites. With hypoallergenic fragrance, without SOAP, Parabens & enzymes.

The only detergent for baby clothes with no RISK LABELLING BE LIABLE, in accordance with the Classification study (HP 265.2002).
With studies of fitness for baby skin
Suitable for homeopathic treatment
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