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Baby Cleansing
SKU 20360

Lavera baby & kinder neutral shampoo shower gel 200ml


Shampoo & Body Wash


. With organic evening primrose and organic aloe

. For skin and hair


Gentle cleansing for skin and hair


The shampoo - shower gel contains no soap and cleans the skin and

Gently cleanses every aspect of the skin with gentle , natural substances , while

while care of the scalp . Organic Evening Primrose Oil

protects the sensitive skin of children from dry skin and organic

Aloe moisturizes and soothes the skin . No synthetic fragrances , dyes

and preservatives to prevent skin irritation .


Use: gentle formula has been designed for daily cleaning of

sensitive skin and hair of children and babies. It consists

also for bathing babies . Just add a few drops of water

tub .


Organic Evening Primrose : This precious organic oil provides the

skin lipids not only valuable but important nutrients . so

supports important functions of the skin.


Organic Aloe : moisturizes and soothes the skin


Certification Natrue and Vegan