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Pampers Active Baby Diapers Maxi Pack No3 (6-10 kg), 66Pcs


Diapers Pampers Active Baby are the only ones with extra absorbent Sleep mattress. Does your baby sleep twice as much as an adult? His particularly active nights can lead to leaks and massive wet diapers, which disturb his quiet sleep. For this reason, diapers Pampers Active Baby have the unsurpassed extra absorbent mattress Sleep, which helps in the dryness you trust for your baby''s skin. This way, no matter how much your baby moves and no matter where he sleeps, his skin remains dry, thanks to Pampers Active baby diapers.
1 Diaper Pampers = 1 dry night.
✔ Extra Absorbent Sleep mattress
✔ Absorbent Micro Pearls
✔ 3 Absorbent Channels
✔ Soft as Cotton

Baby diapers, size 3:6-10 kilos.

For external use only.
Store in a shady and cool place, away from children.

66 Pieces

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