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Pampers Active Baby-Dry Diapers Νο4 (Maxi:8-14Kg) 58Pcs


The revolution in diapers with the Pampers Active Baby-Dry. The revolutionary technology, with the three absorbent channels, contributes to uniform distribution of moisture and the removal of, this way there is less liquid volume in the morning. So the liquids look so dry and comfortable, you''ll wonder where the tsisakia disappeared!
• 3 absorbent channels: contribute to uniform distribution of moisture than non-branded diapers
• Absorbent Micropearls: inner absorbent layer with micropearls, it absorbs moisture and locks for up to 12 hours dry
• Absorption: Mattress is specially designed to directly removes moisture
• Soft like cotton: The upper layer absorbing reserves during the night your baby''s skin dry and soft
• Materials that '' breathe '': allow air to move
• Rubber side: For protection from spills and comfort during the whole night

For external use only.
To avoid the risk of suffocation and/or choking, keep away from babies and children of all packaging materials.

58 pieces

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