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SKU 27559

Pampers Pants No6 25Pcs


The pull Pampers Pants have Micro Pearls, that lock moisture away, offer up to 12 hours stegnotitas, while at the same time give more easy and fast. To remove the previous diaper-just pull the side skizete, after using seal with adhesive tape for easy disposal, and wear even upright new diaper-panty to your baby.
Up to 12 hours with dry easy to wear pull-diaper
2 vacuum belts: Soak immediately and remove from your baby''s skin moisture
Full application: Flexible application perimeter, around the legs and the belly, to fit your baby''s every move
Materials that '' breathe '': With mikroporoys that do not impede the movement of moisture from the inside towards the outside of the Pan, keeping dry the skin of your baby
Soft like cotton: diapers-Pampers pull Pants are made from soft materials like cotton, this way your baby feels comfortable like time normal eswroychaki (product does not contain cotton)

For external use only.
To avoid the risk of suffocation and/or choking, keep away from babies and children of all packaging materials.

25 PCs