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Avent scf256 / 00 Temperature Conservation Container for Bottles


Container Conservation Temperature Bottle (non electric)

For a long time, continuous concern of mothers was the question of how to warm their baby''s milk, while on a trip or in a place where there was no readily available any electrical device.

The Philips AVENT will present the non-electric bottle heater. With it, you can easily and quickly warm your baby''s milk wherever you are at any time. You no longer have to worry how to warm your baby''s milk at the beach, park or on your travels. The heater that is the quickest and easiest way. It keeps the water hot for at least 4 hours.

The Avent Philips Thermal Bottle Warmer provides easy, safe and effective heating bottles. features:

Serving Lid, setting out clearly the open / closed position. Cleaning is easy enough.
Protective cap, which is screwed, ensuring fast and safe heating of the bottle.
Reference Guide warming, in which reheating times listed for all bottle sizes of Philips Avent, depending on temperature, we want to have milk.

The particular heater keeps the water in the hot so hot that even after many hours ye to heat the contents of a 180 ml bottle in a 2, 5 min. You can heat many bottles with hot water from a pre-filled thermos (500ml).

The product is made of stainless steel (hot), PP (container and cap), PP / ABS (serving cover).