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Feeding Bottles
SKU 20223

Avent Scf693/17, Natural Plastic Feeding Bottle, Slow Flow Nipple 260ml


Company Plastic bottles Avent.

First time in your baby''s bottle feeding coincides with breastfeeding. Our new bottle make bottle feeding process more natural, both for your baby and for you Because of the innovative design of the cuff of the nipple, the movement by which your baby grasps the nipple of the bottle is more like the corresponding move to breastfeeding, thus facilitating to combine breast and bottle feeding.
Designed with natural grip: thanks to the wide nipple resembling the female breast, allows your baby to naturally grasp the nipple and facilitates combine breast and bottle feeding. With unique anatomical petals inside the nipple that enhance softness and evelixia without folding the nipple. With this your baby how to enjoy a meal with more comfort and pleasure. With advanced anti-colic system as it has dual innovative valve that injects air into the bottle instead of your baby''s tummy. With ergonimiko design and wide neck for ultimate comfort.
The product is made of material that does not contain BPA.
It is easy to use and clean and simple and quick assembly.
Compatible products Avent series.