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Avent Scf635/27 Silicone Teats Variable Flow (3m +), 2 Pcs


Silicone Nipples with adjustable flow.

This nipple unique patented ring system protrudes beneath the base and has a unidirectional air valve. This valve, due to the contraction and expansion does, allows air to enter the bottle to replace the milk exiting a rate similar to that which is breastfeeding, neutralizing this manner any gap is created. You can easily adjust the flow of milk, thanks to the adjustable flow system with nipples.

Your baby is now able to nurse constantly, just as with the chest, without needing to take breaths every so often. During lactation, there is one slight hiss. The whistling is not nothing but a small guarantee that the air into the bottle instead of your baby''s tummy. During breastfeeding, your baby swallows a certain amount of air. The air may be the cause of creating frustration and anxiety, which becomes your baby. Still, there is a possibility to start crying. These reactions are nothing more than some symptoms of colic pains has your baby. Suitable for babies aged three months.

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