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Avent SCF655 / 27 Teat Variable flow Natural 3m +


Avent SCF655 / 27 Teat Natural 3m +

The Avent Natural 3m + Teat is a teat turn Avent which can be set by turning the bottle, the flow rate. It is suitable and ideal to offer four different flow rates in order to keep pace with the growing baby. Due to the innovative design of the nipple petal, your baby makes the movement which engages the nipple of the bottle and more like the same move on breastfeeding, thus facilitating the combination of feeding and bottle feeding.
It is a natural feeding bottle is made of silicone, a material which does not contain BPA and has an advanced system with innovative dual anti-colic valve as the air does not enter the baby''s abdomen but the bottle. Features unique petals for a flexible and soft teat which is not folded and is female breast shape, which facilitates the combined feeding and breast feeding.
It is compatible with the Avent Natural Feeding Bottles and appropriate to give the baby more viscous liquids, according to its needs as it grows, like milk with rice flour, milk powder, milk mixed with baby food and soups.

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