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Nuk First Choice+, Nipple Silicone XL, 6-18m 1pcs


Nuk First Choice + Silicone Cross Cut For Interstitial Pick (XL) 6-18m 1pcs. NUK nipples are based on the shape of the nipple and provide protection against colic.
NUK First Choice for years has been the first choice of bottled consumers designed based on breastfeeding. With NUK First Choice+, we were able to get even closer to the natural diet, healthy development of the baby''s jaw and simulating the breastfeeding sensation as much as possible from the breast.

√ Physical shape adapted to the jaw: nipple design is based on the shape of the nipple during breastfeeding
√ The softer it becomes: an intimate sense of feeding
√ Colic preventative: an improved system against Colic Anti-Colic Air System
√ Compatible with NUK First Choice + bottles and NUK breast milk containers
√ Size XL (for viscous liquid-porridge)

bottle nipple First choice +

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