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Nuk First Choice+ Silicone Nipple Size 2 (6 months and older) 1pc


NUK FIRST CHOICE + Nipple silicone infantile colic
maximum softness
Fewer infantile colic
Natural shape adapted to the shape of the jaw
Perfect if you want to combine breastfeeding with feeding from bottle
The teat NUK FIRST CHOICE + combines all orthodontic benefits of the original shape of the NUK teat with the feeling of breastfeeding breasts.
Natural shape adapted to the shape of the jaw: The particular shape of the teat NUK designed based on the shape that takes the mother''s breast during breastfeeding. It creates enough space for the natural movements of the tongue and suckling the jaw of your baby.
Maximum softness: The new soft Softzone area is designed to accommodate the nipple even better on the palate - a natural feeling breast.
Prevents infantile colic: The improved air vent anti-colic ANTI-COLIC AIR SYSTEM allows the normal flow of food. So the baby can easily suck and swallow at the same time without air.
Clinically proven *: The very natural shape makes NUK nipple very popular in nursing infants. For this reason it is ideal for babies that combine nutrition from bottle to breastfeeding.

1 piece