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Froika Baby Hydratant Milk Dermopediatric 200ml



Soothing hydrating emulsion after bath with detoxifying and relaxing effect.


Moisturize, protect, restore skin balance.

Protection from environmental pollution, sudden climatic changes and conditions stress.

Detoxification-cytoprotective action.

Helps remove external factors (irritant, allergic, toxic) that have penetrated the skin.

Enhances resistance of cells against external attacks.



Biomimetic recommendation hydrolipidic phase (fytoskoualenio, caprylate glycerides, phytosterols, glycerol)

Excellent compatibility and skin tolerance, Restoring structure hydrolipidic film and the disrupted balance of skin.


Marine polysaccharides and fucose viosakcharites

Create moisturizing, soothing and detoxifying pellicle, Strengthening defense mechanisms, creates feelings of euphoria and comfort.


omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, Vitamin E, Shea butter, Vitamin B3

Restoring skin barrier, nutrition and antioxidant protection.


Bisabolol, panthenol, Almond

Moisturizing, soothing, regenerative factors