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Nasal Cleansing
SKU 30373

Clinofar Protective disposable filters 20pcs


Disposable protective filters for use with the new Clinofar nasal blocker to relieve your baby from nasal congestion in a healthy way.
Ideal for daily hygiene and easy to use.
The Clinofar Nose Blocker * helps remove the nasal secretions that regularly cause your baby discomfort. Easy to use, it helps to release the nasal cavities so that your baby can breathe easier.

Disposable protective filters for use with Clinofar nasal occipital, daily hygiene, easy to use, birth-friendly.

For external use only.
Apply a new filter to the Clinofar nasal sealant before each use to prevent the risk of contamination or secondary contamination.
Choking hazard - small pieces, keep out of the reach and sight of children.
Read the Clinofar Nasal Blockage Instruction Brochure carefully before each use.

* is not included.

Made in France

Content - Packaging
1 pack of 20 protective filters.