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Elgydium Gencives Gums Soothing Mouthwash 300ml


Elgydium Gums mouthwash protects and soothes irritated gums. It is a solution with 0.1% glycyrrhetinic acid, known for its soothing effect. In combination with proper brushing, it acts on the gums and interdental spaces in cases of irritated gums.

Oral solution, daily hygiene of irritated gums.
Do not use by children under 6 years.

Instructions for use
Mouthwash for 30 seconds with 15ml of undiluted Elgydium Gums solution in the morning and evening after tooth brushing. Do not rinse after use with Elgydium Gums. Do not swallow. It is recommended to brush your teeth after each meal.

For external use only.
Keep it in a shady and cool place away from children.
Do not use after six (6) months from its first opening.

Contains 4.8% v / v alcohol

Content - Packaging
300 ml ready-to-use solution with dosing cap.

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