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Oral Gel
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Bioplax Aftamed Shield, 8ml


The Aftamed Shield is a gel with a special concentrated formula designed for large painful oral ulcers. Due to the high level of mucoscinbondation, a film is formed that isolates and provides protection injured tissues from additional stress (scrubbing, saliva, food, etc .). prevention of the development of inflammations. provides immediate pain relief within just 4 hours.

Active Ingredients
The key component of the product is hyaluronic acid (sodium salt) of 600 mg/100gr and polycarbophil that ensure:
-   Healing and anti-inflammatory action
-   Mucose adhesive film formation to protect trauma
-   Instant pain relief

Oral ulcers (aphthalmic), foot-and-mouth mouth stomatitis, repeated ulcerative damage to the oral cavity (recurrent foot-and-mouth stomatitis).  In case of repeated oral ulcers the continuous use of oral solution Aftamed may have preventive action against ulcers throughout the oral cavity.

Instructions Use
It is advisable to reapply Aftamed Shield 2-3 times daily, or more often if necessary, until the disappearance of symptoms.0 In case of large ulcer, please ensure that its entire surface is adequately covered.

For oral use only.
Keep it in a shady and cool place, away from children.

Content - Packaging
8 ml