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Colgate Smiles 2-6years Toothbrush Extra Soft


Children toothbrush colgate.

The toothbrush colgate, specially designed to clean their deciduous teeth of children aged 2-6 years. Because this age is crucial because it is the start of the children''s brushing and children learn how to brush their teeth, choosing a good quality and without causing irritations toothbrush is important. And because we do not want the first experience of brushing is negative, proideazontas deterrents your child towards the cleaning of oral hygiene, the colgate, has cared for you, creating the colgate smiles.

usage: The toothbrush colgate, contains a small, soft, rounded head that protects the gums and cleans teeth thoroughly removing bacteria that may cause bad breath. Very soft, different height bristles that effectively clean the teeth of all sizes.

WARNING: Children under 4 years old should not use the product without adult supervision. The toothbrush is only for brushing teeth and should not children to chew.

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