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Colgate Smiles 6+ Years Soft Toothbrush


Children toothbrush colgate.

The new toothbrush Colgate Spiderman, specially designed for the needs of children six years and older who have already developed early, deciduous and permanent teeth. It has a small, soft, rounded head that protects the gums. With soft, different height bristles that effectively clean the teeth of all sizes. In combination with the cleaning surface of the tongue, which helps remove bacteria that cause body odor, offer better results possible by a common, flat child toothbrush.

This is a premier cleaning made fun thanks to the sticker of spiderman, inherent in the handle of the toothbrush. The child enjoys brushing his teeth, without seen as a chore but as a toy.

WARNING: Children under 4 years old should not use the product without adult supervision. The toothbrush is only for toothbrushing and should not children to chew.