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Gum Toothbrush 902 Junior Monsterz 7-9 years 1Pcs


Gum Toothbrush 902 Junior Monsterz 7-9 years 1tmch

Oral hygiene of children aged 7-9 years.

• Thinner and longer handle neck for better cleaning the back teeth.
• handle with thumb pad for better control of brushing and easy grip
• Hair with soft plumage completely remove plaque from the surfaces of the teeth, the gum line and interdental spaces.
• Separated edges reach the fissures and pits, which can easily display the decay.

Dental tooth brushing after each meal. It is important to regularly brush change for overall dental health. At the base of the bristles of the toothbrush often bacteria accumulate. For this reason it is advisable to replace your toothbrush every 1-3 months or immediately after a cold, throat infection or flu.

Not the color choice is available. Keep away from small children.

Made in China

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