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Nuk Training Toothbrush Set 2Pcs


NUK training toothbrush set
Set of 2 pieces and guard ring
NUK tutorial dentition, which acts as a teether while massaging specific points relieving teething pain
NUK tutorial brush for gentle cleaning of first teeth
With non-slip grip and safety guard ring does not allow the brush to penetrate deep into the baby''s mouth
Proper care for the teeth of the first day:
For a child to develop healthy teeth without caries, the parents need to start training in oral hygiene from a very early - even before the first show of teeth.
The set of NUK training toothbrush ensure gradual familiarization of your child with regular brushing. The tutorial teething massage to specific areas of the palate and gums relieving teething pain. The tutorial brushing gently cleanses the first teeth with soft and bite resistant textured rubber surface. Your child will learn the correct brush strokes almost without realizing it.
Both educational brushes have nonslip handles security and shape normal toothbrush. The set includes a protective ring which does not allow the brush to penetrate deep into the mouth, while functioning as a base.

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