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Colgate 6+ Years Toothpaste 50ml


Children Toothpaste for children aged 0-6.

The Colgate Kids 0-6 years toothpaste is specially designed for kids. Intended for children under 6 years of age. It works against caries thanks to 1000 ppm fluoride containing.

Dental caries
(tooth decay) is a painful and costly tooth disease which can result in serious damage. According to research conducted in children aged 5-16 years, brushing teeth at least once a day with toothpaste that contains fluoride, causes less wear on the teeth. The review of research done has shown that children who used fluoride toothpaste had fewer decayed or missing teeth, while the completion of their permanent teeth with new, began after three years.

The Colgate Kids 0-6 years has a mild flavor and is clinically proven to provide protection against caries and enamel.

Instructions: Use amount of toothpaste to pea size, supervised child brushing his teeth, so as to minimize swallowing. In case of intake of fluoride from other sources consult a dentist or doctor. Children aged 0-2 years should brush their teeth once a day. Children 2-6 years should brush their teeth twice a day. Good to be sure every time that children spit after brushing to minimize swallowing and avoid rinsing with water.

Available in packs of 50 ml.