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Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection Junior 50ml


Toothpaste technology Sugar Acid Neutraliser.

It is a leading toothpaste ever concocted the company Colgate, which gives teeth maximum protection against caries. It is the first toothpaste that thanks to the composition Sugar Acid Neutraliser directly combats the acids produced by the breakdown of sugar on plate.

Sugar Acid Neutraliser technology represents an important innovation that contributes to the prevention and fight against tooth decay. After clinical trials that lasted eight years, involving 14 000 volunteers, Colgate was led to the discovery of this revolutionary innovation, which radically changed the way subsequent treatment of caries. Its main characteristic is that neutralizes the acids of sugars, which are the leading cause of tooth decay in dental plaque.

Contains fluoride and calcium, which help to strengthen and rebuild the enamel, preventing the creation of caries.

Instructions: Use by children aged 6 years and above. Parents should supervise the child when brushing, which it is to be two times a day. Ensure that children spit after brushing to reduce swallowing. avoid rinse with water.

It has a mild flavor, quite friendly towards children.

Available in packs of 50 ml.