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Intermed Babyderm First Toothpaste 50ml


Babyderm First Toothpaste
To clean and protect the first baby teeth

The Babyderm First Toothpaste is specialized toothpaste for cleaning up and protecting the first baby and children''s teeth. It has specially developed formula without fluorine, ensure good health of deciduous teeth while ensuring the health of the permanent teeth that follow. Containing natural sweeteners and xylitol to inhibit the creation acids from bacteria plaque while protecting the plaque and caries. Moreover the softening agents containing care of sensitive gums infant.

• Cleaning and protection of first teeth in infants
• Protection from plaque and caries

With Xylitol and the natural sweetener Stevia
Without fluoride, parabens, SLS, sugar, alcohol

Ideal for babies from 6 months
With bubblegum flavor.

Instructions for use
Place on a soft toothbrush ideal for children a small amount (lentil size). Brush with gentle movements the child''s teeth and rinse. It is recommended to brush after meals teeth morning noon and night

Content - Packing: Tube 50ml

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