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SKU 2588

Avent Scf156 / 00, Protective Drives Breast, Small Size, 1 Pair


Protective breast plates.

This is a product of Philips Avent, which contributes to prolonging breastfeeding for longer. Protects sore nipples and nourish your breasts.

They feature easy and tight grip, which greatly facilitate your baby. They are made of extremely thin, soft, tasteless and odorless silicone exceptional quality that protects the nipple from irritation and cracks during the suckling period. Designed specifically for your skin contact with baby. Your baby has the potential of smell and your skin feel, while continuing to stimulate the supply of milk, and breastfeeding. Because of this design, your baby can easily return to your chest, once the healing of your nipples. They offer fast and safe healing while breastfeeding. Because they are designed exclusively for use in cases of cracked or sore nipples, you should use them with physician advice.

Made of eco-friendly products, friendly towards the environment and society in the context of Eco-Passport Review for environmental product design requirements. Contain no BPA. They have small size.