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Avent Scf330 / 20, Manual Breast Pump, Comfortable Fit


Manual breast pump with cushion massage.

This pump that offers greater comfort and more milk naturally. If you''re relaxed and comfortable, milk flow more easily. For this reason, the company Philips Avent built this comfortable breastpump. All you need to do is sit back, to bend forward and let the soft cushion massage gently stimulates the flow of milk.

It features a unique design, so the milk to flow directly from the breast to the bottle, even if you sit straight. If you receive more relaxed position when using the bottle, further reinforces the normal flow of milk. The cushion massage available, has a new, soft, velvety texture that gives the skin a warm feeling for a comfortable and soft simulation of the flow of milk. Clinically proven efficacy.

Includes a bottle and one nipple Natural, providing natural hold. The nipple has a wide shape, resembling the female breast, and allows the baby to naturally catch the nipple while helping to combine breast and bottle feeding.

It is compact for easy installation and discreet use on the go. Assembled easily thanks to visual matching of parts. It has manual operation to export, if you want, occasionally milk. It is easy to clean because of the small number of individual parts and has compatibility with other feeding products company. The construction has been made with ecological products, thanks to overview Eco-Passport. Without BPA.

It has a capacity of 125 ml.

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