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Avent Scf332 / 01 Full Electronic Pump


Avent Scf332 / 01 single electronic pump

Unique comfort and natural posture export milk
It includes a bottle and teat Natural, for handling natural

> It offers innovative design, for direct milk flow from the breast to bottle, even when in a straight position. So you will be able to sit more comfortable using the pump: no need to lean forward to make sure that the milk will come in the bottle, naturally helping the normal flow of milk.

> Function Soft stimulation and 3 pumping scales.
When activated, the pump automatically starts to soft stimulation mode to start the milk flowing. Then click through the regulation of 3 pumping scales to choose the most convenient milk flow.

> Soft massage cushion that fits directly to most mothers and offers a warm feeling soft and velvety texture warm feeling to the skin.

> Includes the wide nipple Natural, shaped like the female breast that offers natural grip, allowing the baby to grasp naturally the nipple.

> For ease of handling and installation of the pump Avent Scf332 / 01 has small size, light base unit to have it ready for full control when using the breast pump. To be saved, the breast pump tube wrapped around the base unit.
For your convenience in traveling the pump Avent Scf332 / 01 works with batteries.

> Easy to assemble by visual matching of parts, has compatibility with other products of feeding Avent, it is easy to clean thanks to the small number of separate parts, which are dishwasher safe (excluding electrical components)

Ease to operate at the touch of a button
Ideal for frequent use and ease of pumping process at the touch of a button.

Eco Passport
The Philips noiazomeni for the environment and society, ecological designs its products.

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