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LANSINOH Cream For irritated nipples 40ml



The purest form of lanolin in the world for irritated nipples.

Safe and hypoallergenic, 100% natural, No Paraben.

The most pure lanolin in the world that achieved with the unique cleaning process of Lansinoh. The Lansinoh lanolin achieves a level of purity can not be compared with other products of lanolin.

It comes from the wool of sheep in New Zealand, which once processed according to the unique patented process Labs Lansinoh, subject to thorough checks. This produced the top lanolin for nursing mothers.

Helps relieve and protect sensitive nipples and tired and the sensitive, dry skin.

There needs to be removed before breastfeeding. Without taste, color or odor, the most acceptable cream for sore nipples and the baby breastfeeding.

Tip: moms have used also for diaper irritation, skin spots that "pulls" causing itching, small cuts, burns and abrasions, dry skin as well as natural moisturizing lip balm.

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