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Nuk Breast Milk Storage Bags 25pcs


NUK Breast Milk Storage Bags
saving space for storage of breast milk
no leaks, thanks to a double safety closure
ideal for storage in the refrigerator and freezer
sterile - for immediate use
for single use
Breast milk is the best nutritional health of your baby. There are, of course, mothers who can not or do not want to breastfeed. In such cases as an alternative to pumping breast milk (with pump) and to give the baby a bottle. If you draw a regular breast milk to the store, you may have already thought: Where to store such a large amount? The space in the refrigerator and the freezer has now fallen.
The breast milk storage bags of NUK enable you to maintain your breast milk easily, saving space and the necessary hygiene. Simply fill the bag with the milk you pump and then, to avoid leaks, close it tightly with a double safety closure (zipper). Then place the bag in the fridge or freezer. When you want to feed your baby, simply transfer the milk (after thawing) into the bottle. The specific discharge opening having each bag of NUK, provides the necessary security to donate breast milk.

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