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SKU 22286

Nuk Breast Pads Ultra Dry Comfort 24pcs


NUK Breast Pads Ultra Dry Comfort
Packing 24 pcs.
With kernel moisture holding
extremely absorbent
Apply perfect chest
For maximum protection and comfort
Most breastfeeding mothers consider breast pads necessary. The NUK offers a highly effective solution for every need and every occasion. The pads Ultra Dry Comfort of NUK is specially designed to meet the highest requirements:
Excellent absorbency: the special coating retains moisture for a long time and keeps your skin dry completely
Not irritating to the skin: the breathable outer layer allows air circulation
Perfect fit: the patches with extremely wide surface embracing perfect chest without being seen from clothes
Softness: the extremely soft lining does not stick to your skin
Stability: the adhesive tape holding the pads firmly in place
Absolute hygiene: individually packaged
Practicality: external packaging 24 pieces, with easy opening and closing

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