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Nuk Silicone Nipple Shields Size Medium 2pc


NUK Silicone Nipple Shields
with storage pouch
Protection of sensitive nipples during breastfeeding
Sizes M and L
We want you to enjoy breastfeeding
Breastfeeding is the best for your baby because breast milk contains everything you will need the organization during the first months of life to develop a healthy immune system. But even when one does the most natural thing in the world may face problems - for example, the skin on your nipples may be sore, hurt or become very sensitive.
To address these problems, the designed soft NUK nipple shields that protect your nipples while breastfeeding and thus face such problems.
Innovative triangular shape which allows direct contact with the baby
Made of thin, soft silicone for comfort
Slightly textured for superior fit and comfortable feel
In two sizes for different sizes of nipples: M (20mm opening) and L (24mm opening)
With convenient case for safe and hygienic storage

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