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Weleda Stilltee Nursing Tea 40g


Weleda Stilltee Breastfeeding Tea 40g

Indications: Facilitate breastfeeding finally childbirth during lactation

Breastfeeding tea
restores the fluid balance in the body and has a fantastic aroma thanks to the high content of natural essential oils. The Lemon Verbena containing, gives a mild flavor and has a balancing and relaxing action, giving harmony. In bags for better conservation and protection of natural fragrances and without added sugar.
It contains the herbs anise, fennel, cumin and fenugreek, that are known for their lactogenic activity. Daily active in body relaxing during breastfeeding.

Keep Weleda Stilltee Tea Nursing in shady and cool place, away from children.

Instructions for use
Use 1-2 sachets per 500-750 ml warm water and let stand for about 5 minutes. Drink 3-4 cups daily.

Made in Germany

Ingredients: fenugreek seed *, anise *, fennel *, cumin *, verbena leaves * (15%)
* From controlled organic farming

Content - Packing: 40 g (corresponding to 20 bags in protective packaging 2 grams)