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Avent Freeflow Pacifiers SCF172/01 0-6m, 2Pcs


The Avent Freeflow soother allows baby skin to breathe. The guard has 6 holes for extra airflow, especially designed to reduce skin irritation. The orthodontic folding nipple respects the natural oral development of your baby.
♦ Additional air vents allow your baby skin to breathe
Your little boy''s skin must be breathing. Our guard has 6 holes for greater airflow and is designed to reduce skin irritation
♦ Designed for normal oral development
The foldable silicone nipple has a symmetrical shape that respects your baby''s palate, teeth and gums as it grows.
♦ Manufactured in our award-winning facilities in the UK
You can be sure that the comfort of your little boy is in good hands. This pacifier is manufactured in our award-winning facilities in the United Kingdom.
♦ Safety handle for easy removal
The safety handle lets you remove your baby''s pacifier at any time. Even the little hands can catch her!
♦ The snap lid helps keep your baby''s pacifier clean
When the pacifier is not in use, simply place the lid before storage to keep the nipple clean and safe.
♦ Easy sterilization for extra hygiene
You can easily keep your little pacifier clean: simply place it in the steriliser or immerse it in boiling water.


pacifiers, 0-6 months, for baby boy

2 Soothers

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