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Avent Night Soothers Scf176 / 28 (0-6 months) 2pcs


Avent Night Soothers Pink Scf 176/28 (0-6 months), 2 pcs
Silicone Pacifier with ring that shimmers in the dark.
These orthodontic -symmetrik teats that assist in proper development of the palate, teeth and gums of the baby .it is made of silicone and is odorless and colorless which helps the infant can readily accept them.
The nipple is transparent easy to clean and does not lose its shape.
The pacifier available in pink tones and has a security link. Unlike conventional pacifiers, avent pacifiers can be sterilized in steam and have a cover that protects them during the transport maintaining their sterility.
The use of the first years of life the child is considered reasonable as it does not pose a problem in primary teeth.
Each pacifier has a safety ring which illuminates the darkness in order to be visible at night.
hue girl (pink)
0-6 months
The package consists of 2 pacifiers and 2 snap caps.
Country of origin: United Kingdom