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Nuk Rubber Pacifier Trendline Adore M2


High tech NUK pacifier with orthodontic shape: The perfect training for all oral functions (lips, tongue, jaw) is specially designed according to the shape of the mother nipple during breastfeeding and therefore is ideally suited to infant oral cavity satisfy the natural need breastfeeding and assist in the training of muscular lips, tongue and jaw, which play an important role in the subsequent process of learning of mastication and speech. With the help of NUK AIR SYSTEM, air leakage is permissible because of the elastic portion of the pacifier, so it remains soft and pliable, thus minimizing the risk of orthodontic problems, thus effectively preventing the creation of crooked teeth. So in conclusion the pacifier NUK, satisfying the innate need for sucking baby.
A throwback to the way the pacifier: 60 years ago was designed by Professor orthodontic Dr.Dr.Balters and the dentist the first "natural and orthodontics" pacifier, according to the physical standards.