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Frezylac Trachahanakis, Organic Trachanas for Children with Cow's Milk from 6+ months, 2 * 165 gr


Organic wholemeal trachanas with organic cow's milk FREZYLAC GOLD 2, 2nd infant. Organic trachana of high nutritional value for infants from 6 months and young children.

With organic wholemeal wheat flour and organic cow's milk FREZYLAC GOLD 2, 2nd infant integrated into the wheat fruit.

The favorite traditional food of young and old with carbohydrates, proteins, fats and high content of fiber, vitamins and minerals is evolving and renewed, to meet the nutritional needs of the infant during weaning, infant and child.

The method of incorporating FREZYLAC GOLD 2, 2nd infant cow's milk into the wheat fruit during fermentation enriches the trachana with additional nutritional benefits while the whole grain process using whole grain wheat grains helps the process of cereal. Frezylac Trachanachakis is a rich source of valuable fiber and cereals.

Add to these the ideal size of its grains which allows easy cooking and creates a creamy texture that does not require grinding and you have a unique proposal for your baby's and child's dish.

* The reconstitution of FREZYLAC GOLD 2nd infant milk is done during the production process.

The product is consumed in the context of a varied and balanced diet.

It is a source of protein and a completely natural organic product.

No preservatives, salt, sugar, eggs, smell
With a taste compatible with the nutritional preferences of infants and children.

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