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Hipp Chicken With Potatoes And Fresh Tomato From Organic Production 220g


Hipp Chicken With Potatoes And Fresh Organic Tomato Production 220g
Suitable for use after the 8th month

The stamp "Bio" of Hipp guarantees top quality and exceed EU standards for organic products.

Ensures safe and your baby''s balanced diet

Lower your salt content
It is pureed
Specially designed for improved iodine intake - it is important for thyroid function.
It does not include the ingredients of cosmetics, dairy, dyes, preservatives and thickeners
Regulates intestinal function
It contains fatty acids omega 3, which is extremely beneficial for brain and nerve cells and rapeseed recommended by the child nutrition research institute.
Prepare driven preserve all nutritional ingredients which makes it perfect for your infant.

Vegetables * 48% (* potatoes 26%, tomatoes 22%), boiled rice *, chicken meat * 9.4%, onions *, rapeseed * 1.9%, iodized table salt, spices (pepper *, caraway *)
* Organic production

How to consume
Heat in a bain-marie or microwave the open jar Hipp Chicken With Potatoes And Fresh Tomatoes or the desired amount, stir and check the temperature. Close the lid and keep the balance not you warm in the refrigerator for the next day. To avoid damage to the jar use only plastic spoon.

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