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Holle Cream banana-meal 250gr


Organic child cream Holle banana and semolina is a cream which can be consumed by infants aged 6 months and up. The main ingredients are whole grain wheat flakes 50% which is a product biodynamic agriculture, banana puree 50% which is a product of organic farming and thiamine (vitamin B1).

Organic childhood cream of Holle has no added sugar.
This product with gluten.

Organic child cream Holle prepared in various combinations.

Preparation with baby milk: Prepare 170 ml infant formula of your choice, according to specific instructions. Mix the milk with 18g. Organic cream banana-meal (approx. 3-4 tbsp.) and mix well. Allow the mixture to come to a suitable temperature (about 37 degrees Celsius) and is ready.

Preparation with milk: Mix 25g. Organic cream banana-meal (about 5 tbsp.) in 130 ml of hot milk. In order to keep the components of breast milk, valuable for the baby, do not heat above 40 degrees Celsius.

Preparation without milk: Boil 200 ml water and leave to cool to 50 degrees Celsius. Add 25 gr of organic cream banana-meal and a tsp. sweet edible oil of your choice and mix until a homogeneous mixture.

Contains 250 g

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