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Infant Milk
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Buona BBmilk 0-12 Bio - Organic Liquid Milk for Infants, 500ml


BMilk Bmilk 0-12 is a Organic milk for infants, suitable for feeding infants from birth to its completion twelfth month when breast-feeding is not possible or adequate.
the BBmilk 0-12 bio liquid is:
- It's produced in Italy
- No palm oil
- UHTsterystery
- Ready to use

BBmilk 0-12 is a baby milk suitable as a unique source of nutrition from birth to the sixth month of life in case breastfeeding is not possible. From the sixth to twelfth month of life, during weaning that should only be done at the suggestion of childrendoctor, you can use it in the context of a differentiated diet.
BBmilk 0-12 should be used with pediatrics hint. Breast milk is the ideal food for the infant and should be preferred and used for the longest possible period. When it is absent or not sufficient, you can use milk preparation at the suggestion of childrendoctor.

Infant organic liquid milk, from birth up to 12 months.

Keep it in a shady and cool place, away from children.

- Packaging
500 ml

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