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Infant Milk
SKU 29205

Fredyzerm Frezylac Silver 3, Milk powder drink from 12 month 400g


Frezylac Silver 3 is a drink of cow''s milk powder, suitable for feeding infants from 12 ° month and is the ideal food as a transition from breastfeeding or from Frezylac Silver 2.
It can also replace any milk after infant and childhood. It is produced from top quality cow''s milk according to strict standards of agriculture and livestock and is reinforced with all the necessary ingredients that strengthen the body of the infant. Vitamins, minerals, prebiotics, nucleotides, DHA/ARA, are the ideal combination for proper infant growth while the extra iron content covers the new elevated that the infant has at this stage of his life.
✔ High quality cow''s milk
✔ low rates of carbohydrates, saturated fats, sodium and potassium
✔ optimal rates of energy, proteins, vitamins and minerals
✔ does not contain GMO (genetically modified agents), taste remedies, preservatives, Pigments, artificial additives and gluten
✔ reinforced with extra iron

Infant milk, infants after the 12th month, strengthening the organism, balanced diet.

Read the operating instructions carefully.
Store the Frezylac Silver 3 in a shady and cool place, away from children.
After opening use the contents of the package within 3 weeks.