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Infant Milk
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Hochdorf Biolac 3, 400g


Violac 3 milk drink powder.


The Biolac 3 is a milk drink powder from organic milk, ideal for full and secure coverage of the nutritional needs of milk young child aged 1-3 years. The Violac 3 is part of a series of biological products for toddlers, infants, young children, specifically designed to fully meet the nutritional needs of your child, depending on age. Enriched with proteins of biological origin in ideal proportions for maximum digestive function and a healthy body weight. Carbohydrates biological origin maximized to cover the increased energy needs of this age without adding additional sweeteners such as sucrose, glucose, creating healthy eating habits. Leading lactose, which is a source of energy for the infant, assists in calcium absorption and enhances the growth of beneficial intestinal bacterial chloridas. Enriched with beneficial Omega 3-Omega 6 fatty acids from controlled biological cultivation, in ideal proportions, contributing to the development of brain, visual and nervous systimatos.Epiprostheta, gluconate iron, one of the most absorbable forms of iron is provided at very high bioavailability. Specifically, to Violac 3 is a rich source of iron, providing 1,1mg per 100ml milk. Finally, a rich source of calcium for proper bone development.
The Violac 3 produced and packaged in Switzerland from HOCHDORF Nutritec. It is approved by the Swiss organic certification body: CH-BIO-006.

The amount and frequency of cleaning of the child depend on the age and weight.

Always consult your pediatrician for feeding and care issues of your child.

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