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Infant Milk
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Hochdorf Nutritec Biolac 2 Organic Milk second infancy, from the 6th Month, 400g


violac 2: Organic milk second infancy, from the 6th month

Proper and healthy diet in the early stages of a child''s life undoubtedly lays the foundation for a healthy body, contributing to reducing the likelihood of obesity and other metabolic diseases in adulthood.

As the infant grows increasing needs for energy and nutrients. For this reason, at this stage of his life imported diet of solid foods, in addition to breast milk or formula milk, which still covers 50% of caloric needs.

The violac 2 is baby organic milk of high nutritional value, specifically designed to meet the nutritional needs of the infant from the 6th until 12o month.

The violac 2 has been created with great care and love for the new life, according to strict standards governing organic farming and organic farming of animals:
Without "chemical" fertilizers and pesticides
No hormones, antibiotics and other growth factors
Without use of genetically modified organisms.
The violac two, thanks to its high biological quality and unique formula with the most appropriate nutrients, fully in line with the latest guidelines of the scientific community (such as the European Society of Paediatric Gastroenterology Hepatology and Nutrition and the American Academy of Pediatrics), offers the value of organic food for healthy physical and mental development.

Produced from pure organic milk, derived from selected organic farms in Switzerland, faithfully following the standards of nature.
The biological quality is strictly controlled and certified by the competent Swiss and National bodies at all stages of production.
You may not use genetically modified organisms, hormones, antibiotics and other growth factors.
Without use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.
With full respect for the welfare of animals that are not treated like machines producing milk as in intensive farming system, resulting in low milk production, high quality and nutritional value.
Adoption of the principle of "zero risk" on maximum residue levels of pesticides permitted by law for infant paraskefasmata1,2.
Free from residues of hormones, pesticides and chemical fertilizers (labeling of the American Academy of Pediatrics: the organic food reduces exposure to parasitoktona2).
Free from antibiotic residues (label of the American Academy of Pediatrics: organic diet can reduce the risk of diseases caused by antibiotic-resistant organismous2).
Consumption of organic milk, in an organic food seems to reduce the incidence of eczema in a scientific study conducted in children up to 2 eton3.
Specially developed formula that contains all the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals to meet the special dietary needs of this age.
Contains proteins of biological origin in ideal ratios for better functioning of the digestive system and a healthy body varos4-5.
Carbohydrates bio grow to meet the increased energy needs of this age without adding extra sweeteners such as sucrose, glucose, forming healthy eating habits. Dominates lactose, which is an energy source for the infant, it helps in calcium absorption and enhance the growth of positive intestinal bacterial flora (prebiotic effect) 5-6.
Enriched with beneficial Omega 3-Omega 6 fatty acids from controlled organic crops in ideal proportions, which is particularly important for the development of the brain, visual and nervous system.
Enriched with iron gluconate, one of the most absorbable form of iron with very high viodiathesimotita7. It is particularly important to form the iron to be chosen for the enrichment of an infant milk. Iron is an essential element for the transport of oxygen to the cells and helps prevent iron deficiency anemia. The better is the absorbable form of iron supplied to the infant through an infant formula, the less the chances of gastrointestinal disorders such as constipation and gastroenteritis, as iron is not absorbed will favor the growth of microbes in the gastrointestinal pathogoon.
It is a rich source of calcium. Enriched with calcium citrate, which has very high viodiathesimotita7 and achieves maximum absorption by the body for proper bone growth. Is the first choice as calcium form for enriching an infant milk especially in the early stages of life of a child, due to rapid development of the skeleton, bone, teeth, etc.
Gluten Free.
Digestible and Efproslipto.
With a pleasant taste.
Highly affordable price.
Certified by the Swiss Agency for organic products bio.inspecta.
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