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Infant Milk
SKU 30288

Humana Optimum 1 Infant Milk 350g


Humana 1 baby milk is administered from the 1st bottle and for the entire duration of the bottle feeding:
- as a supplement, when breast milk is not sufficient
- as an exclusive food if you are not breast-feeding
- with breastfeeding
- with any other infant milk
- gluten free

- adapted quantitatively and qualitatively to breast milk proteins
- digestible and easily absorbable thanks to its 100% lactose content (the most basic carbohydrate in breast milk)
- with ω3 and ω6 essential fatty acids from 100% vegetable sources
- Enhanced with excellent quality Long Chain Fatty Acids (LCPUFA), nucleotides and prebiotic fibers for better development of the central nervous system, gastrointestinal and immune improvement.

Infant milk, from 0 to 6 months

Breastfeeding is best for your child. If you would like to use a baby food from infancy, consult your pediatrician or clinic first. Please note the instructions and instructions on the packaging.





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