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Infant Milk
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NOYNOY Frisolac AC, 400g


The FRISO range of milk contains enriched powdered milk for babies, infants and pre-school children. They have specially designed compositions for the nutritional needs of all ages and are perfectly harmonized with National and European Legislation and are produced under strict specifications.
Frisolac AC is a powdered, specially formulated milk of highly hydrolysed milk protein, ideal for feeding infants with a diagnosed cow''s milk protein allergy and / or severe colic. It is used after a doctor''s advice and continuous medical follow-up.
Frisolac AC is prepared based on the recommendations of ESPGHAN * and the ECE Guidelines for Special Infant Milk.
The new upgraded Friso series features a specially designed safety lid for convenience and precision when preparing the meal, as well as better storage and hygienic conditions of the measuring accessories.

Milk powder, allergy to cow''s milk protein, colic.

Keep it in a shady, cool place.

* European Society of Pediatric Gastro-Enterology Hepatology & Nutrition


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