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Infant Milk
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Novalac Post Discharge 350gr


Novalac Post Discharge 350gr

The Novalac Post Discharge 350gr is the new dietary food in powder form for special medical purposes and for special dietary needs underweight and premature babies from birth.

Components :
Energy: 72,5 kcal / 100ml
By partially Hydrolyzed Whey Protein
Proteins: 2,8 gr / 100kcal
Calcium 83mg / 100ml to better bone plating
With DHA and ARA

You must wash your hands always before preparing a bottle. Measure making only use the measuring scoop included. Within an hour of the preparation of the infant formula should be consumed.
Wash the nipple and bottle, as well as all the utensils you use, and then must be sterilized with boiling water.
For about five minutes, cook and clean drinking water and then allow to cool to 40 ° C.
Fill the bottle with the required and appropriate amount of water.
Add into the bottle proper amount of powder, using the supplied tape. Always use one level scoop per 30 ml of water.
Shake well securing the bottle cap until the powder is completely dissolved.
Allow to cool to lukewarm temperature (37 ° C) controlling the temperature on your wrist before feeding the baby. As milk left over after feeding should be discarded immediately.

Content: 350gr