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Infant Milk
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Nutricia Almiron Prosyneo HA, 400g


Almiron Prosyneo HA is a milk for infants with a family history of allergy to cow''s milk protein. A baby''s immune system is not fully developed at birth, but develops gradually. Factors, such as family history of allergy, can affect the development of a balanced immune system. During infancy allergies are a first sign of an unbalanced immune system. Based on 40 years of allergy research, the Nutricia team, with four hundred scientists and specialists, has contributed to the development of higher scientific infantile milk, Almiron Prosyneo HA.
Almiron Prosyneo HA is specifically designed to limit the risk of allergy to cow''s milk protein in infants.
Almiron Prosyneo HA contains an unsurpassed combination of scientifically-designed ingredients:
► Unique protein structure, partially hydrolyzed (split into smaller pieces)
► Scgos/Lcfos (9:1): Patented mixture of milk-and fructooligosaccharides-fructooligosaccharides
► Bifidobacterium Breve m16v: belongs to the family of bacteria naturally found in the intestines of infants

Infant milk, from birth, reduced risk of allergy to cow''s milk protein.

Follow the instructions for preparation.
Ready-to-eat milk must be consumed within 2 hours.
Left milk should not be consumed.
Do not put the product in the refrigerator.
Do not heat ready milk in a microwave oven (risk of overheating)
When the box is opened, consume its contents within 30 days.

50 ml