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Infant Milk
SKU 30301

Wyeth Infant Milk S-26 Gold I 0-6 Months, 400g


S-26 Gold-1 is a powdered milk of infants, with polyunsaturated fatty acids DHA & AA (arachidonic acid), for brain development and vision.
It contains 5 nucleotides for good digestive health and a protein profile enhanced by a-lactalbumin (the dominant breast milk protein), which ensures high bioavailability of the protein.
- With ARA & DHA long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids.
- With FOS / GOS

Infant Milk Powder, 0-6 months.

Keep S-26 Gold-1 in a shady and cool place (avoid prolonged storage at high temperatures) away from children.
Use only the measuring tape found in the box.
Read the operating instructions carefully

Important reminder
Breast milk is the best food for infants and breastfeeding should be continued for as long as possible. Ask your pediatrician for advice before using breast milk.

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