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Holle Teething Biscuit Dinkel 150gr


Do not allow children to eat without supervision. Do not feed the children in the supine position. Closely follow the instructions for the preparation of baby porridges. Follow the table to ensure that your baby receives the nutrients it needs. Always prepare fresh food.

Like all cereal products, cookies contain carbohydrates. Constant contact with foods that contain carbohydrates can lead to tooth decay. Please ensure that your child follow proper dental hygiene.

Without egg no salt, no sugar, contains gluten digest, without artificial colors and flavors with no preservatives.


flour, rice, molasses, butter, milk powder, Vitamin B1 (required by law).


The Holle Organic Baby cookies are a perfect baby food, has a mild flavor and helps digestion. Can be given as snacks to chew on in between meals in order to practice the muscular system or can be used to prepare delicious porridge as a cookie.


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