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Naturactive Rodiola 30Caps

Product code: 26426
Naturactive Rodiola 30Caps


The Rodiola of Naturactive series helps activate different brain functions such as concentration, learning and memory resulting
easily and effectively respond to the workload of your work.
Dioscorides first used in World history the plant, nevertheless its use was associated with the Scandinavian countries. Researchers characterize as "adaptogen" because of its ability to increase the body's resistance to various factors such as chemical, biological and physical.
It has properties that help in times of stress and anxiety, and for this reason, is suitable for Rodiola periods overwork or even tests.
Composition (per capsule) Rodiola (dry root extract Rhodiola rosea L.): 180 mg

Packaging - Use
Contains 30 Capsules
1 capsule morning and afternoon

AP. NOTIFICATION EOF: 5213 / 22-1- 2015

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